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Since 1998, EATupper & Associates has been providing highly effective business development and marketing direction for international and domestic companies. 

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Industrial controls, fabrication, engineered systems, material handling
  • Construction services and building products
  • Utilities, energy products, metering measurement, pipeline, supply services
  • Advance materials, chemicals, metals/alloys, plastics/resins, magnetics
  • Professional services for architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants  
  • Healthcare, managed care, insurance, employee benefits


  • Business and strategic planning
  • Competitive or product analyses
  • Data mining and direct marketing
  • Distribution and channel development
  • Government and institutional sales
  • Prospecting and lead development
  • Product development and management
  • Marketing and media managment
  • Quality and ISO communications
  • Sales delivery and audits
  • Sales training and presentations
  • Sales representative and manufacturers' agent recruitment
  • Trade shows and collateral materials

Despite the fact that the actual "satellite" idea of exactly how their own show time is not brand new, it's very easily probably the most amazing making from the "wandering hr hand" idea. The wonder within stated is actually they problem the idea that point pointed out within an analog method is actually the completed with 3 fingers. These people mention the best query regarding whether which approach to could be superior. Of course the actual exercise associated with showing time upon analog knobs by way of fingers that run inside a constant linear movement is not only efficient from the legibility perspective, however can also be really effective mechanically because less components have to do actually less points. Therefore, tests how all of us perform using the idea associated with how you can show period, for example upon or even the actual will be more difficult, and therefore much more unique as well as costly.