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Our belief is that the most effective marketing services sell more products…simply stated. Sometimes there are other objectives...negating a bad situation, addressing internal or external issues, even recruitment and improvement. But overall, we’re expert at creating and furthering successful environments – meaning creating successful marketing programs and actually developing more business. In today’s economy, there are still glimmers of hope – diversification, adaptation, and development strategies that help organizations thrive and we can identify and tap into those which are most germane to you.

We have functioned in the roles and we speak the language of company presidents, key strategists, design engineers, purchasing agents, and other business-to-business decision makers. Our focus is on the bottom line, and we do what needs to be done to grow your business. We can help you sell parts and pieces, machinery, components, and integrated solutions.  We’ve worked with local business and global organizations. Sometimes marketing and business development consultants are good at selling processes and perpetuating work, but at EATupper & Associates, we focus on actual bottom line growth.  Let us explain how we can create more value for you.     

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