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Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

I would imagine by the silence and the lack of replies to my last few emails. I wont be seeing watch or even receive my money back. I guess I will just sit here and wait. My guesses were right. The silence says all. Disgraceful that you do this to hard working people who are genuine and honest, two things that probably indicate to me your company is not. If you said you would send me then do the decent thing and do it for the right reasons, or at least refund. If you choose to ignore me, I will take steps to legally recover my money. Why don't you do what you said you would do and send me the replacement as per your email. If you decide to continually refuse to reply to I have contacts at the OFT and will do what I deem necessary to expose your conduct with your customers. Remember just because you are so far away does not mean you are exempt from exposure.